Marketing Tip: Find Your Social Media Voice

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Marketing Tip: Find Your Social Media Voice

Establish a voice, personality, and some rules. The most common question I hear about starting a Twitter account, posting blogs, and utilizing other similar social media tools is, “What should I write about?” That’s a complicated question. For companies like yours, I typically suggest going back to the cornerstone of how you talk to your current customer base. It’s a good place to begin the process of building the base rules for your online brand voice because brand positioning should always define how your company’s brand is relevant to its target audience in relation to the competition.

An organization with a well-defined brand position can, with a little work (and help from their favorite strategic marketing firm), set up rules to help define the brand’s personality—what the brand stands for, cares about, posts about—and how it responds and engages with followers, friends, and fans who post on their social media sites.

Got questions about social media? From digital to traditional marketing, we are always interested in helping you grow!

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