How to Rank in a Content Marketing World

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So in this post, we address how to blog as an expert in the B2B environment in a simple, efficient, effective, and quick way that integrates with your lifestyle.

Alan, an idc client, and VP of Sales and Marketing in a business-to-business company does not want to blog.

But he does want to appear high in the Google search rankings and drive traffic to his website. Because Alan knows that in the content marketing world, it is important to show prospective customers that he is an expert in his industry, he works with clients ranging from small regional to prominent national and runs a more customer-service oriented business than his competition.

“I get content marketing. What would I write in a blog?”

Alan’s first question is: “What would I write in a blog?”

So, instead of answering that question, I ask Alan a different one: Tell me a few stories where you saved the day for a client. I take notes. Then, I propose to hear how his company won the last few customers away from the competition. I take notes. Then, I ask to listen to some questions he wished clients would ask him. I take notes.

At the end of our conversation, I spun my notes around. I wrote a paragraph on each of the dozen or so topics about Alan’s business. I asked him if he thought he could flesh them out into 2 or 3 paragraphs (keeping the posts short) and, if needed, drop client names and any proprietary information or trade secrets. He said yes. My team’s job at idc is to write the headline and call-to-action, and prep it to post.

Within a week, we had 12 raw blog posts ready for final editing/proofing, headlines, pictures, and posting. Then, the idc team proposed a schedule to post once a month, so we have a year’s worth of posts in the bank.

We’re now into our 4th year of helping Alan post his blogs to his site. He has “blogged” steadily, even if it comes in 4- or 5-post bursts. His website is climbing in the search results because of his online marketing efforts. He handles the sales conversion.

So, Alan’s first question, “What would I write in a blog?” is a question we hear a lot. In fact, like Alan, most idc blogs are based on questions we get asked (or should be asked) by our clients.

Have stories, but don’t want to write?

After all this, you still might feel like you just don’t have the writing skills to produce a cohesive blog. It’s a comfort-zone thing. …Understandable. We have a few clients like that here at idc. Our advice? Tell the story to someone who does have the writing skills and have them draft it up. (Pssst. We can do that for you here at idc, by the way.)

If you go this route, you’d be following some famous footsteps. Matthew Weiner, the creator and chief writer for the TV show Mad Men, is well known for dictating the storylines to a hired writing assistant.

Here is our call-to-action: Call idc if you want help appearing high in the Google search rankings so that you can drive more traffic to your website. Or, call us if you want to show prospective customers that you are an expert in your industry, have a good portfolio of clients, or run a more customer-service oriented business than your competition. Any or all of the above? Blogging, or content marketing is considered today to be an essential component of a hard-working strategic marketing plan.

Let’s put this proven business-building technique to work for you.

Are you looking for help creating compelling content marketing? From marketing strategy to marketing program planning, we are always interested in helping you grow!

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