Addicted to Generating Qualified Leads Online

The Largest and Highest Praised Lafayette, Indiana Marketing Firm Offers Tips to Generating Qualified Leads Online

Three new emails just hit my inbox, and I am pumped. Not your typical response to receiving new messages, I know. But, these all have “Response to [form]” in the subject line, which means we’ve generated three new qualified leads online.

The marketing plan and budget I am working on for a new client are going to have to wait. The gap analysis meeting on a new web platform launch with Ashley and Stephanie is not even on my mind, nor is the pile of checks Andrea idc’s bookkeeper, left an hour ago.

My inbox has my complete attention when online marketing leads appear.

Two of the qualified leads are for two different idc clients. I scan each to see which online campaign brought them in, then prepare a short forwarding email to the designated person at each company. I want to verify they received it and to remind them to let us know if / when the prospect becomes a customer. I do this all in a few minutes, mindful that idc’s content marketing professional watchdog, will perform this duty if I can’t get it done within the hour.

Then, I quickly reviewed the third message—an idc lead. Our campaign about getting found online led this person to our site. After she submitted the form, the idc email marketing platform automatically sent her an email thanking her and letting her know someone will be contacting her soon.

Marketing automation took care of that lead for me, so I add a few last tweaks to the marketing plan I am working on and head off to the meeting that is just starting.

This all happened in less than 10 minutes, but I can still feel the adrenaline of the hunt: I am addicted to pulling in qualified marketing leads online. It’s great when they flow in for idc, but it’s next-level stuff when they come flying in for idc clients.

Welcome to our world. I’m not sure how you are feeding sales for your business, but it most certainly starts and stops with your website. It has to be your best first-touch salesman. Attracting prospects with the right content will make your real sales team’s job that much easier.

Do you need leads to help grow your brand? From developing compelling offers and content to programming marketing automation, we are always interested in helping you grow!

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