Marketing Tips: Brand Photography & Video

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Marketing Tips: Brand Photography & Video

Brand Photography and Video: Good photography can provoke powerful emotions. Instagram is filled with big and small brands that are doing some magnificent work building and connecting with their core audience through branded photography. We cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining a photo budget in your annual marketing plan so that you can partner with an art director who understands your brand requirements and a professional photographer with a full studio.

Buzzfeed’s Tasty food videos have fed the desire of foodies to learn new recipes, and these videos are a huge contributing factor in the explosion in popularity of branded food videos proliferating on all social media feeds from YouTube and Facebook to Instagram and Snapchat. Much depends on you presenting an excellent visual for your brand. Work with idc marketing to cultivate and hire great talent to produce your food videos.

Do you need photography or video to help grow your brand? From hiring the perfect phot or video pro for your project to organizing and managing the shoot to maximize your investment, we are always interested in helping you grow!

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