Forbes Agency Council Panel: 12 Tips for Customer Surveys

Your Most “Dialed in” Indiana Marketing Firm Offers Tips to Grow Your Business

Check Out These 12 Tips to Develop Reliable Customer Surveys!

Include everyone!

Here, my fellow experts and I discuss survey etiquette to achieve the best results from surveys. As an agency owner and member of the @Forbes_Agency Council, I am honored to be invited to participate in expert panel discussions.

This pane ltopic? Reliable Customer Surveys.

Here’s my take:

Include Them In The Findings.

Look at each engagement with your valued customers as a chance to deepen the partnership. Acknowledge that the customer is taking time out of their busy lives to help you be a better partner. Not only thank them for their time but offer to include them in the findings. Sharing this data provides a chance to feel ownership and a potentially elevated status as a valued customer. –

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