Marketing Tips: Brand & Logo Design

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Marketing Tip: Brand & Logo Design

Brand & logo design, as defined by the American Marketing Association, is a graphic design that is used as a continuing symbol for a company, organization, or brand. Typically, a logo can be a mark, flag, symbol, or signature that is designed for use across various media. The attributes of an effective logo are much like the aspects of a powerful brand promise. They are …

Unique to your brand. Your logo should be easily identifiable against the competition.

Simple and memorable. Your logo should be easily recognizable. Also, if it’s simple, then it’s easily remembered. Think of the logo for General Mills or Apple. Both are minimalist, but still, possess strong
recognition with consumers. The challenge is that a logo should feature unique characteristics without being overly flashy.

Adaptable. A logo should work in every medium and application. To elaborate, will this logo be effective if it’s printed in a single color, or if it’s as small as a postage stamp or as large as a billboard.

Relevant. Is your logo consistent with your brand? Should you use fun, silly colors, and fonts? Or, should it be more severe and clean-cut? Making a logo compatible with your company aids in brand messaging for consumers and employees.

Sustainable. It’s helpful to design a logo that can endure for years or even decades. If your company ever expands, there’s a good chance your logo will need to evolve. For example, Coca-Cola has retained its
logo for almost a century and a half. Meanwhile, Pepsi has undergone frequent logo changes and iterations. The creation of a timeless logo encourages a nostalgic connection with long-time users and is therefore priceless.

Positioning your logo and determining how much room to leave in the area surrounding it may seem trivial. Still, a logo’s importance illustrates the exactitude and consistency needed during the creation of your brand’s visual identity. Positioning and spacing are essential guidelines to have written out so that designers know exactly how creative they can get, both initially and during brand development.

Are you considering a brand & logo design? From developing a new brand logo to launching a new company, we are always interested in helping you grow!

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