3 Things I Learned in an Indiana Advertising Agency

Lafayette Indiana’s Most Creative, Strategic and Oldest Marketing Agency Offers Tips to Grow Your Business

3 Things I Learned in an Indiana Advertising Agency

As the saying goes—Rise and Shine! Time to Advertise!

Back in the day, I was less of an online-marketing strategist and more of a straight-up, advertising-agency guy. Campaigns, slogans, and traditional mass-market media were the main game, and I enjoyed every bit of it. This mix worked great as an art director in the Chicago region.

Then, I moved to Indiana—and everything changed.

The change had everything to do with the firm that I joined. Not your typical Indiana advertising agency, idc connected to its clients on a higher level than any other firm I had worked for. It was less about the traditional advertising and mass-market media and more about strategy and marketing. In fact, one of what impressed me was how idc elevated the role of marketing in our clients’ businesses.

marketing to support sales#1: Focus on sales

In discussing a client’s business, it became apparent that no matter how good a marketing or advertising message is, if the sales engine is not working, nothing is going to happen. Sales are the lifeblood of every successful company. I learned that, by focusing the marketing message to support sales, things just worked in sync.

#2 Operations is the foundation

Every company needs to sell something. That product or service creates the company’s foundation. Operations include the process of getting the product or service to the new customer, which, in turn, delivers on the promise that sales made to the new customer. Obviously, capacity has a lot to do with not only the ability to keep up with orders but also to deliver quality and customer service.

#3 Marketing is on equal footing with Sales and Operations

Marketing typically starts with creating a brand for your business, product or service and then creating a strategic plan to market that brand so your target audience finds you. Position the company or brand by differentiating it from the competition, displaying unique features and benefits, and developing an effective call to action to set up sales or bring in leads. In a best-case scenario, good advertising will reach the qualified and most coveted target audience to create brand preference. Then, turn on the advertising to drive your target market to sales.

So all three aspects of a business—marketing, sales, and operations—work in concert to grow your business.

When you talk with idc, we will ask you and your team plenty of questions about your business, including your sales process and the capacity of your operation. The better dialed into how your company operates, the better we will be able to develop a marketing strategy that works with your sales and operations to grow your business.

Launched in 1972, idc-marketing is the most creative, strategic, and oldest advertising firm in Lafayette, Indiana. We are a full-service agency that helps companies grow business-to-business (B2B) and consumer-to-business (B2C) market share.