An IDC Christmas Marketing Letter to Santa

The Hippest, Smartest and Oldest Lafayette, Indiana Marketing Firm Writes An IDC Christmas Marketing Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Team IDC has a lot to be thankful for. First and foremost, we have been good all year—took care of our clients and made some new friends looking for our brand of marketing help. We helped all those folks make money. For most of them, that means we helped grow market share, for some we helped define and position their brand, while others we helped launch into new segments. So I’m not asking for much this year. Here are a few things come to mind:

  1. Economy, economy, economy. You are going to need a very big bag, Santa. Maybe even a few extra reindeer to keep this economy chugging along.
  2. A new hole punch. Santa, do you see the magic? It punches holes in office papers AND makes guitar picks. Very useful.
  3. More awesome clients for IDC. Santa, thanks for the current roster, my man. I owe you big time. This past year was the most fun I’ve had in my entire career. Think you can try to out-awesome yourself again this year? No worries if you can’t. But please consider dropping a Ronco™ Client Cloner DX200® down the IDC chimney. That would be a cool second choice.
  4. Keep the amazing creative coming. Santa…dude. Whatever you have been doing, please fill our stockings with it again. Our cup floweth over but I know it can’t be in the water. We have that brought in. The last person that drank from the tap in this old building grew an extra toe. Turns out, that’s not as cool as it sounds.
  5. Torque up the funny. I know you think we have too much fun, Santa, but we’d love to see a few more YouTube ultimate fail videos. BTW: sorry about the “jalepeño & Tabasco-laced-cookie-icing” trick we pulled last year. Not funny. We understand.
  6. An app for that. Love apps, Santa. Surprise me with something cool on the big day. From Quickalytics to Angry Birds, you gotta love the innovation, functionality and pure fun of it all. We have a few in development so we’re giving back too!
  7. Get home safe for Christmas. From one road warrior to another, we need to work together here, Santa. If you can’t get me coach seats next to people smaller than me, at least let’s try to make the plane be on time.
  8. Also, are as many people really texting/Tweeting/Facebooking/emoticon-ing while driving as I hear in the news? Please remove their thumbs. Not just Keyboard-iTarfor me, but for all our loved ones and friends. No one needs to get hurt because some Snookie-loving dummy is texting her new BFF LOL, OMG, GMTA, and KMA while drinking a *$.
  9. KeyboardiTar. Does this thing exist, Santa? No one will rock that powerpoint like the dude that’s jamming the KeyboardiTar. I wonder if it comes with a hands-free microphone?
  10. Cookies. Santa, somehow these things seem to be multiplying in the office. I think we might want to stock up so we can wean ourselves slowly off the sugar and calories through the first few weeks of 2020.

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