Marketing Tips: Brand Marketing Campaign

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Marketing Tips: Brand Marketing Campaign

Brand Marketing Campaign: By definition, a marketing campaign is a specific and defined series of activities used in marketing a new or changed product or a series of events launched in new marketing channels and methods. These channels include various digital marketing channels and social media, as well as traditional marketing channels such as print and broadcast media. While your company’s mission, message, and visual identity are likely to remain relatively constant over time, lasting up to a decade or longer, the marketing campaigns you develop should be less permanent. Your campaigns should be considered as annual or even seasonal methods of establishing, maintaining, and increasing consumer brand awareness.

For you, campaigns are an opportunity to deliver the essence of your brand message to consumers using different hooks that appeal to their behaviors and preferences at specific moments in time. Campaigns function as ways to invite consumer trial, unveil product innovations, promote deals, and highlight seasonal relevance. And, while marketing campaigns might come and go, they should always be carefully researched, well-executed, time-sensitive, and goal-oriented. Effective campaigns are often what separates growing companies from those with stagnant sales and no growth. Plus, as we heard from buyers in Chapter 3, they want you to help drive your products towards sales. Effective campaigns do that.

Do you need help in creating a brand marketing campaign to grow your brand? From working within your budget to driving the plan and reporting ROI, we are always interested in helping you grow!

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