Marketing Tips: Brand Packaging

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Marketing Tips: Brand Packaging

Packaging: When shoppers are at the store looking at products, they’re not necessarily making rational decisions. According to a 2016 Journal of Applied Packaging Research study, which is discussed at length in Chapter 9, consumers spend only about three to five seconds examining products on the shelves before purchase. This study also found that even though consumers have generally decided beforehand what kinds of products they want, 28 percent of them make their final decision— brand selection—in the store. Furthermore, the study indicated that 1 out of 10 purchasers may change their brand preferences inside the store.

Instead of thinking their way to the checkout, consumer purchases tend to be instinctive and reactive. They are purchasing instinctively by color, shape, and familiarity of location.

Effective packaging should encompass the entirety of your brand identity so that consumers can see at a glance what the product is and why it’s relevant to them. The product must deliver its brand promise each time, which fosters repeat purchases and encourages brand loyalty.

Do you need consumer brand packaging to help grow your brand? From developing a new branded product package for the Walmart shelf to refreshing a package for growth we are always interested in helping you grow!

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