United Way

United Way


Unlocking the Story Everyone Can Relate To

Everyone knows about the United Way. One of the most well-known non-profits in the U.S. and around the globe, the United Way leads communities to empower every person to discover and pursue their path to success from cradle to grave.

But not everyone knows how hard it is to drum up financial support year after year in a world where everyone’s always asking for money.

After years of solid but plateauing fundraising campaigns, the United Way of Greater Lafayette turned to idc in 2016 for a fresh campaign that would motivate the “Always Givers” to donate more and the “Fence Sitters” to feel a personal connection to the United Way.

With the “Moment of Truth” Campaign, our local United Way was able to raise $5.9 million through documentary-style video, TV spots, posters, brochures, pledge cards and campaign kits.

The campaign’s power came through the stories of community members sharing when the truth hit them like an NFL linebacker: we’re all “United Way people” once we realize the impact the United Way has had on our life.