NHK Seating

NHK Seating

Automotive Manufacturer

Driving a Turbo-Charged Hiring Campaign

How do you attract and retain the right regional talent when just down the road companies 10x your size are trying to do the same?

For NHK Seating of America, a tier-I OEM seat manufacturer for some of the biggest carmakers in North America, it was a matter of enlisting idc.

In 2017, NHK faced a grow-or-die situation: with its primary customer, Subaru, poised to expand, NHK had to expand in lockstep with them to meet Subaru’s seating demands—or, most likely, it would lose its largest customer.

In response, idc created a quick-start employee campaign that featured a mix of digital and traditional outreach. The digital outreach involved a large-scale site redesign, including a brand new employment micro-site and job portal, that articulated NHK’s competitive advantages for employees.

The traditional outreach involved job fair flyers and an employee referral program.

In the end, NHK went from survival mode to thrive mode.