7 Killer Content Tips to Get More Leads Online

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Back in the day, the marketing department used to create a new piece of content only when they had something new to talk about, like a new product or service.  Gone are those days, as the content is now created to improve search engine rankings and to help attract visitors to websites. Not just visitors, but the right visitors.

We know that search engines want to display content that adds value and accurately addresses the needs of users. Companies want to attract users to convert them into leads. That’s where context comes in. Creating killer content that addresses what the visitor is searching for while establishing the company as an expert in their industry, will not only generate more leads online but will also help in the conversion of those leads into sales.

It’s a win-win if done correctly.

Here are 7 Do’s and Don’ts to help you develop content to get more leads online

  1. DO create a content strategy
  2. DO produce content that answers questions and analyzes problems.
  3. DO write content that uses keywords appropriately.
  4. DO determine ideas for content from listening to the needs of existing customers.
  5. DO use headlines and formatting to make your website easy to read.
  6. DON’T write content overstuffed with keywords.
  7. DON’T write generic content that adds no value.

Remember, creating content to create content won’t automatically display your company on the front page after a Google search, as this is only one piece of the online-ranking pie. But, it’s an excellent place to start to get more leads online.

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