Mitchell Terpstra

Mitchell Terpstra

Strategist & Copywriter

One of the newer additions to idc’s team, Mitchell’s fresh out of Purdue University, where he worked on a master’s studying rhetoric (aka the art of persuasion) from ancient Babylon to (post)modern times.

His favorite rhetorician? Gorgias, an ancient Greek provocateur who could sell pearls to a clam and gave advice like: “Words:soul::medicine:body.”

Previously, Mitchell taught English in East Asia and freelanced as a magazine journalist in Michigan covering libations, comedy, theatre and business. We’ve taken him on as a writer and creative support. He loves the task of writing small and big things for so many different audiences and media environments.

Off the clock, you can find him kayaking on Wildcat Creek—his favorite paddle in the area—or furiously scribbling in whatever crosswords he can get his hands on.