Our Story Begins With Strategic Marketing...

In the Business of Growing Your Business

"Forty years as a downtown Lafayette business is impressive. It's important to recognize idc's contribution to the local economy over that time…not just as a business, but as a service to help grow other businesses.

—Mayor Tony Roswarski, Lafayette, Indiana

idc turned 40-years old in 2012. And while our mission has not changed—develop a branded message to connect with your target audience—the way that audience receives the message certainly has.

idc grew up in world once ruled by outbound or "interruption" marketing...the process of buying attention through cold-calling, direct mail, radio, TV advertisements, sales flyers, spam email, telemarketing and all other forms of traditional advertising.

Today's marketing audience wants more information. They search when they are ready, and are looking to receive their information in new ways: branded websites or landing pages, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and many more social media and news platforms.

Although we deliver and incorporate online marketing programs, websites, social media management, print, display, video and streaming media in the form of integrated marketing plans for our clients, what makes idc different is that we deliver strategy first.

Our Team