Business & Goals Assessment

It All Starts With Your Business

Your Business Story

It's your business, you're the expert...

Every great love starts with a great story. Our job as your strategic marketing firm is to communicate this story on your behalf in a way that not only resonates with your target customer, but ultimately impacts your bottom-line. The more we know about your business model, product or service offerings, sales and corporate culture, the better we can serve you. Your customers are gonna fall in love with you!

Business Story

Strategic Goals

Your Strategic Goals

The foundation...

Everything starts with your goals. Whether we are talking about monthly sales numbers or annual customer retention rates, all of your marketing efforts should be developed and geared toward the achievement of these goals. We pride ourselves on providing smart marketing solutions designed and executed with your strategic business goals in mind.

Your Customers

Who are you selling to? Who should you be selling to?

Interestingly enough, for a lot of businesses the answers to those two questions don't always match. Before starting any marketing execution, idc will work with you to develop detailed profiles of your current and potential customer base. Our proprietary Persona Development Process (PDP) helps to clearly identify who your ideal customer is and how you should be communicating with them. In short, we're gonna connect you with more of your perfect customers!

Target Audiences or Buyer Personas

Competitive Analysis

Your Competition

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer...

To compete in any marketplace it is imperative that you know who your competition is, what they are selling, and how they are communicating with their customers. idc will thoroughly research and define your competitive landscape so that we can position you as the true industry leader you are. Our goal is not to simply get you a date to the prom, we want you to wear the crown at the end of the night!

Your Market

Seeing the forest from the trees...

You know the in's & out's of your specific industry and you're obviously the expert when it comes to your business. But are you truly aware of what is happening in the market?

For example, if a strategic goal is to grow your business by X%, are you making an informed decision with a working knowledge of what the true market potential is? Do you know how much market share you currently own and where (or who) that new market share is going to come from?

Before we talk about building market share it is important to examine how your business is perceived within the marketplace as a whole. Surveys, customer interviews, store checks, market penetration and brand awareness studies are just a few of the tools we utilize to measure and assess how your company is perceived within the marketplace. As the saying goes... Perception is Reality!

Marketing Research & Assessment

Brand Launch / Product Launch

Your Brand

If you build it, they will come...

What exactly is a brand? In short, a brand is an unwritten promise between you and your customer. It's personal, unique and more importantly it serves as an emotional trigger that drives customers to choose your brand over all others.

What does your brand mean? Is it market ready? Does it truly have meaning to your customers? Are you fulfilling that unwritten promise or does it need to be nurtured and developed further? At idc, brand is boss, and it is the driver behind every strategic marketing decision we make.