Marketing vs. Branding vs. Advertising #2: Branding

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Marketing vs. Branding vs. Advertising

We are on the subject of marketing, branding, and advertising. Because these three terms are all related to the sales side of your company’s operation, they can be intermingled and confused with each other. However, each performs its distinct functions toward the same goals and fall under the marketing umbrella.

Marketing and advertising are both critical elements of your company’s marketing process, working in unison to establish, enhance, and build equity to your company’s reputation and increase sales.

Last time we discussed marketing.

Second Up: Branding

According to the American Marketing Association, the official definition of a brand is anything that helps convince potential buyers to remain loyal to your product or company, such as your logo, symbol, name, or design. As I mentioned previously, powerful branding can even triumph over product taste. The brand is the message. It’s the foundational touchstone that all marketing efforts utilize to build brand equity.

Brand equity is often part of a brand’s valuation, so dollars are attached to a brand’s worth. Branding is what your company believes in, why it exists, and how consumers experience it. Your brand ultimately aligns your company’s core ideals with the desires and beliefs of your customers.

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