Bewitched…by that “Darrin Stephens Moment”: Zen of Marketing Strategy

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The Zen of Marketing Strategy

The room got quiet.

I was looking at the client who was looking back at me. Jill raised her eyebrows, took a breath, paused, and said, “There it is.” Her two associates laughed, and she joined them. I felt this overpowering urge to check my fly.

“There what is?” I had to ask.

“The Darrin Stephens moment,” she said. “We have been waiting for this, and you did not let us down.”

Wait. Darrin Stephens? Bewitched? I am old enough—I guess enough of a dork— that my first gut reaction was ” Dick York or Dick Sargent?

Darrin was a seminal figure in pop culture back in the day. He was the only ad man on TV…the original Mad Man. He also had a witch as a wife who he loved dearly but absolutely forbade to use her witchcraft.

But she would. She would just wiggle her nose, and the magic happened. Darrin blew his top. Hilarity ensued for about eight years, followed by a decade of reruns during my formative years.

Jill articulated what I have heard several times over the years—people have come to expect that magic a-ha moment from their marketing partner.

I can relate. I get it too. But I get it a little earlier when I’m meeting with my team, and we’re reviewing what they came up with while I was out of their hair.

I can see it a mile away. My magic, ah-ha moment, is not a pretty design or a piece of well-written copy. Mine is when I can see how all the research and homework we’ve internalized for our client…their message…their market…all the details and numbers come together as an integrated, well-positioned program designed to gain market share and boost margins.

At IDC, we know smart business executives look for the science and strategy behind the magic in their marketing partners.

Are you looking for a little zen of marketing strategy to get sales rolling? From marketing strategy to marketing program planning we are always interested in helping you grow!

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